Last June 25, 2012 we signed franchise contract with Chowking. Very soon we will open our Chowking stores in major Governorates of Kuwait .

The Taste

At Chowking, everyone can enjoy special Chinese food at prices easy on the pocket.

Chowking Brand Philosophy

Taste the Success

The new Symbol of Success…

Our goal in life is to become successful. We work wholeheartedly to reach our aim for ourselves and to our love ones. Everyday we work diligently, to earn our living and for the betterment of our family's future. This serves as our inspiration, the catalyst, why we travel the road to success. Chowking is with us in this journey. Daily we feel the hardship, the other way, due to Chowking persistence it gives us special delicious Chinese food which is the source of our strength and enthusiasm to work harder. Aside from it, we can get special reward from Chowking to bestow with our family all the success that will come to our lives. In Chowking we can get the special and yummy foods with a very low price. So many delicacies to choose, too much to partake. Let's go together to taste the Chowking food while we continue to reach the goal of success. Let's go to Chowking, let's go To Taste the SUCCESS!

Taste the Savor

With Delicious Chinese Food, Make Success Together…

Chowking foods came from the finest Chinese chefs and shared it to FILIPINO tounges.

The assurance of quality ingredients used in food preparations. Aside from its savory taste, the price is at it's lowest, that's why it was favored by millions of Filipinos.

With Chowking Chinese Rice-Meals, Noodle-Soup, Dim-Sum, Desserts and Beverages, we are confident that you have taste the road to fame and glory!