Landscape & Irrigation Division is the main division within the company. A brief history of Landscape and Irrigation Division is given below.
The Division was formed in 1994 and since then engaged in design, construction and maintenance of Landscape and Irrigation Project. The projects were/are run by well qualified and experienced managerial, engineering and supervisory staff with all expertise to design, supervise, execute and maintain Landscape and Irrigation Projects of any dimension.
The plans were created for specific shape yards and lots and may not go perfectly with your exact property. In order to get the most out of these landscaping ideas you may want to keep a few things in mind while going through them.
Mix And Match the different shapes of different plans and layouts. If you cant find a design to fit your exact front yard or backyard, find two or more that you can incorporate together to create an idea that will work.
Dont get hung up on specific materials, landscapes, and plant materials that we use in these designs. Focus more on shape and functionality. The materials will be determined mostly by what is available in your area.
Design Styles dont necessarily matter in most instances. If one of our layouts is for a Mediterranean front yard, dont think that you cant use it for a Southwest landscape design, different style, or even a backyard. Sometimes simply changing the types of landscaping plants is all thats necessary to change the entire atmosphere and style of a plan.